Fall on the Saluda River


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The Saluda River in Lexington, South Carolina is seen here in autumn, bordered by majestic trees dressed up in all their fall glory. This scenic forest and beautiful fall landscape with its river panorama is a huge tourist attraction for those who are not lucky enough to experience the four seasons where they live. The trees sport leaves of red, gold, green, orange and russet brown, standing in magnificence against a pristine blue sky and offering shade to the rushing river. It is the perfect autumn setting. One can almost feel the crispness of the air when looking at this peaceful scene, and the river and trees are, in themselves, wonderful meditations for the viewer.


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This photograph is available in three sizes:

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  • 36” x 12”
  • 40” x 13”

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Weight 1.00 lbs
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40”x13, 36”x12", 24”x8”


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