Horseshoe Bay – Bermuda


Horseshoe Bay on the South Coast of Bermuda where the best beaches are.



On the south coast of Bermuda in Southampton Parish lies Horseshoe Bay, a beautiful white sand beach with sparkling cerulean waters. In this lovely panorama of the bay and Horseshoe Bay Beach, one of Bermuda’s many beaches shows off its serene beauty that makes you wish you were lounging in the warm breezes and sun. Wispy clouds lace the blue sky, and the teal waters sprout some whitecaps in the distance. The waves break on cream-colored sand, and a few rocks jut out into the bay. It is a quintessential beach scene that is both warm and inviting. This scene asks us to laze in the sun, and listen to the music of waves lapping ashore in Horseshoe Bay.


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