Your art is all about you. It’s your vision, your colors, your passion and your dedication to your vision. At Studio BB&A in South Carolina, we simply take that work and provide you superior fine art printing, widely known as giclée printing.

While giclée printing is certainly a form of inkjet printing, it’s important to recognize that not all inkjet printing is giclée printing.  Giclée printing is the highest quality, archival inkjet printing used to create digital reproductions of paintings, drawings and photographs.

A giclée print of museum quality, requires a certain level of digital, technical and printing finesse and expertise that Studio BB&A is proud to offer.  Our over-the-top, painstaking attention to detail – your detail – is what gives us the passion to create a giclée art print that is nothing short of perfect.

When you come to Studio BB&A to have giclée art prints prepared, our goal is to provide the services that will be most beneficial to you.  There is an art to fine art printing that we have mastered over the years.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss more about the giclée prints that can be created to your exact specifications.  To us, seeing is believing, and once you see what Studio BB&A can do, you will be a believer in our giclée printing process.

Check out the work of artists who entrusted their work to us below, and call us at (803) 755-1554 or email [email protected] today to discuss more about our giclée printing services.



"My art means everything to me. I put my heart and soul into each piece. They've never let me down. I am proud to offer my clients Giclee prints prepared and printed by Studio BB&A." -D. Martin